Wednesday, March 23, 2005

THE CATS...(my biggest influences)

James Jamerson was/is my number one influence. Every time i strap on a bass or head into the studio, his spirit resides in me..

Chuck Rainey came from the very same place as Jamerson, but added a few more tricks with his double stops and advanced technical ability.The Chuck Rainey Coalition CD is a great place to start........

Gordon Edwards is another branch off of the Jamerson tree. He was a bit more aggressive and on top of things- i learned a lot from absorbing all the knowledge that he dispensed on all of those great STUFF recordings.

Duck Dunn is a stripped down version of the afformentioned. No extra notes or waste- just all the correct notes.

Willie Weeks' solo on Donnie Hathaway Live is perhaps the greatest example of restraint and building up a solo that i have ever heard. He also did some excellent work with George Harrison
and Ron Wood.

Bernard Edwards had a pocket that was unparaleled, as solid as you could possibly be without sounding like a machine.

So there you have it-- if you listen to these guys and absorb where they are coming from, you will make a living as a Bassist- end of story..I can't think of better examples of what it means to be a Bassist than these guys...
If you are just starting out as a Bassist, you need to dig deep and seek out all of the recording that these masters played on.

Listen closely and absorb the concept, but don't lose your own identity in the process.


Blogger ajazzmusician said...

Dude, you did just name the Cats! Did you happen to catch the Chuck Rainey show in New York City in March 2001? Gordon Edwards, Batiki Kamalu, Bernard Edwards, Jerry Jemmott, Tom Barney and several others from the New York area were there. The show was mostly from Chuck's Sing & Dance CD with a little Steely thrown in. I do agree with your analysis. These guys are hard to touch.

8:20 PM  
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Blogger oldschoolbass said...

Tony...I love what you said and know that some young cats and old Cats like me are empowered by them. I'll never forget first joining the union and getting home with "The Directory"; the first number I called from it was James' and he was polite and very accommodating. Thank you, brother Tony. God bless you and be well.

3:54 AM  
Blogger oldschoolbass said...

Oh yes...and the late, very great Tommy Cogbill.

4:15 AM  

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